How to Insert Signature in Google Docs?
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How to Insert Signature in Google Docs?

It often happens that when working on an important project, plan, or just reading some document about a purchase or sale, you need to Insert Signature. And just at this stage, many users have a lot of questions. For example, one of them is How to Insert Signature in Google Docs? Help is at hand with!

Google Docs itself is a very intuitive online editor that allows you to edit various templates. But the process of attaching your signature to them may seem a little complicated to you. Here you will find the best way as well as detailed instructions to get you up to speed on Adding a Signature to Google Docs. Rather, start reading this article to find out a useful way that can help you!

Inserting a signature using Google Docs.

This method will allow you to easily Insert Signature in Google Docs. Moreover, you do not need to download additional programs or addition for this. Just follow the next steps:


Open your document in Google Docs and place your mouse cursor on the spot where you want to add your signature. Then click on the “Insert” button and in the pop-up window, select the items “Drawing” -> “New”.


After the new “Drawing” window has opened, in it you need to select the “Select line” icon, and then click on “Scribble”.


Now, you can try to draw your signature. Try it several times until you are satisfied with its appearance. Once you have decided on the signature, you need to confirm it by clicking on “Save and close”. After that, everything will be automatically saved and loaded into your layout.

Well, now you know the simplest way to Add a Signature in Google Docs. We hope that this article was very useful for you, and you will definitely use this method. For example, you can practice integrating your signature into a business card posted on