How to Give Access to Google Docs?
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How to Give Access to Google Docs?

Perhaps you, as an active user, are concerned about the question – How to Give Access to Google Docs? Sharing files, templates, different layouts or projects is an integral part of Google Docs. Thanks to its built-in functionality, you can easily share your work with friends or your employer. Furthermore, with the Google Docs toolkit, you will be able to avoid worrying about files or documents being shared without permission.

The method described here allows you to safely share your work in a very detailed and simple manner. Please read this article carefully to learn how to give access to Google Docs and start using this method as soon as possible.


Open your project, template or file in Google Docs. In our case, this is the newspaper template from the website.


Here you need to click on the “Share” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.


In the window that opens, click “Restricted” and select “Anyone with the link”.


Now you can click on the “Copy link” button and then send it to anyone who needs to see your work.

Well, now you know a great way that will allow you to quickly, and most importantly, securely share your work. If you do not want to spend a lot of time creating some templates, then you should definitely use ready-made ones. Fortunately, has a huge collection of various and most importantly free templates for every taste. This is a place where you can find templates such as: Invoices, Lesson Plans, Mind Maps, etc.