How to Get More Templates for Google Docs?
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How to Get More Templates for Google Docs?

According to statistics, the number of people who need more templates for Google Docs is increasing every day. The most common templates that consumers require are resumes, lesson plans, resignation letters, mind maps, and so on. A wild demand has left very few unique templates available. And more and more often, each of us has a question: “How to get more templates for Google Docs?”.

In fact, there are several options to get new templates. The first is to use Google Docs basic layouts, but unfortunately they are of the same type, and the information on some of them does not often meet modern requirements. We offer you the second option, more practical.

Use the website, which contains many useful, diverse, and most importantly free templates for Google Docs. All templates on this site can be easily edited, literally by pressing two buttons. Moreover, you can use them for personal and commercial purposes.

So, let’s now step by step understand how to use and find the template you need!


Go to the website.
Type in the search engine,, and go to the site.


Decide on the desired section and template.
There is nothing complicated here, you just need to make a few simple movements:
– On the site, the sections are on the left side of the screen. Or you can click on the “Templates” button, and there select the necessary sections, such as: Bucket lists, Business cards, Class Schedules, etc.;
– Go to the desired template section and left click on any layout you like.


Download the template.
To do this, you need to take the following steps:
– Select a template (step 2);
– Click the “Use this template” button.


Go to editing and using.
Once you have clicked the “Use this template” button, you will be given a unique link to use and edit this template. Just click on “Start Editing Now”. And you will be transferred to Google Docs, where you can change the entire template or use it in the original.

Congratulations, now you know how the site works, and you can use any template for free. It is here that you will find many unique and diverse templates for Google Docs. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time creating or complex processing of other people’s templates!