How to Delete a Page in Google Docs?
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How to Delete a Page in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a good editor with very cool features. You can create many templates in it, print a book, work, etc. But often, it happens that when working on a document, an extra page or piece of text appears, appears where it is not needed. And many after that, start looking for the answer to their question – How to Delete a Page in Google Docs?

For many years of work, our team of professionals has identified some of the simplest, free, and most importantly easy ways to help you delete a page in Google Docs. We tried to make everything as simple as possible so that you can remove even the most stubborn pages. Therefore, rather start studying this article, and make your pages “humble and obedient” with!

Use the “Delete” key!

This is a very fast, but at the same time effective way. Even the most inexperienced user can handle it!


First, open in Google Docs the document in which you want to delete the page.


Now you need to go to the page you want to delete.


At this stage, you need to move the mouse cursor to the beginning of the page. And then press and hold the left mouse button.


Select all unnecessary text (if there is no text on the page, just repeat the same steps). To do this, simply hold down the left mouse button and move it to the end of the page. Only then release it. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow (Windows) or Command + Shift + Right Arrow (Mac) keyboard shortcut to select all the content on the page.


Press the Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac) button on your keyboard. After that, the page that you selected will be automatically deleted.

Now you know about a method that can be applied in any situation. For example, you can use it to edit your templates, layouts, or other work. But if you don’t want to waste your precious time creating templates from scratch, check out It stores a lot of cool, free, and most importantly diverse templates.