How to Add Signature Line in Google Docs?
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How to Add Signature Line in Google Docs?

In this article, you will figure out the fastest way How to Add Signature Line in Google Docs. Every day, more and more companies or firms are switching to a remote work format. Because of this, the demand for virtual, legal documents or documents that need to be signed is increasing daily, several times. Most often, Google Docs is used to create such virtual documents.

But often the problems for an ordinary user of this service, which have now become many times more, begin precisely at the creation of the Signature Line. We understand your pain. Therefore, we created this article, in which you will learn a quick and working way – How to Add Signature Line. Rather, start studying this article to apply the knowledge in your templates with!

Create a signature line using built-in Google Docs tools.

Saving time is the main advantage of this method. This is a cool, and most importantly, simple way. It will allow you to make a signature line in just a few movements.

This will be especially useful for you if you are creating some kind of urgent document.


To start creating, you need to open a Google document in which you want to add a signature line.


After you have opened the desired document, click on the place where you want to place the Signature Line.


Congratulations, half of the work, you have already finished. Now you need to left click on: Insert -> Drawing -> New.


A window has opened in front of you, in which there are all the necessary tools for editing and adding various elements. Here, you need to hover your mouse over “Select Line”, and select the first item “Line” in the task window that opens.


You are almost done creating your Signature Line. Now you need to do just a few consecutive movements: Having taken a straight line, just stretch it on the canvas, adjusting the length; Click on “Save and Close”.

Congratulations, now the line you drew will automatically be transferred to your template, in the place where you originally put the point. Well, now you know a simple and quick way that you can definitely come in handy when creating various layouts of electronic documents. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating your templates from scratch, then use There are many different, ready-made, and most importantly free templates that can be useful for you.