How to Add Fonts to Power Point?
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How to Add Fonts to Power Point?

Sooner or later you will need a font that is not available in Power Point. For example, you need to urgently create a school presentation, a presentation for a business meeting, or you have been assigned this task by your boss. And so that you do not get nervous and do not search the Internet for a bunch of unnecessary information, we have created for you a detailed description of how to download and install fonts for Power Point.

A huge number of free and paid fonts are available on various sites. You can use any site you like. But if you doubt their reliability, then we advise you to use Google Fonts. Here you will find a large variety of fonts. Even famous designers use them. Therefore, using the example of this site, you will clearly see how to download and install fonts for Power Point!


Go to the Google Fonts website, find the font you want and click on it.


Your next step is to download the font of your choice. There is nothing difficult in this. All you have to do is click on the Download Family button (as shown in the image).


At this stage, you only need to do a few simple steps:
– Go to My Computer -> Downloads;
– Open the downloaded archive with fonts.


Easy installation of fonts. Here, too, there will be no complex formulas and download algorithms. All you have to do is:
– Open folder with fonts;
– Double-click any font with the left mouse button;
– In the pop-up window, click Install font / Install;
– Close the window after installation is complete.
Congratulations, you have installed the font you need in 5 minutes and 4 easy steps. All you have to do is restart your computer.


If you want to install the entire collection of fonts you have downloaded, rather than just a single variety, follow these steps:
– Open folder with fonts;
– Extract all the contents of this file to any folder on the C or D drive;
– Select all fonts;
– Click the right mouse button, and select Install Fonts in the pop-up window.
All selected fonts will be installed on your computer.