Questionnaire Free Google Docs Template


We have created a free Google Docs template for a questionnaire that can be easily used and customized online. Questionnaires and surveys are important tools for collecting information and ideas from the target audience. You can use them for a wide variety of purposes such as market research, customer feedback, or employee engagement. With their help, many companies discover their weaknesses, emphasize strengths and work on them. However, creating a questionnaire from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the process. But our team of professionals understands your feelings. Our free questionnaire Google Docs template lets you create a questionnaire without having to start from scratch.

Simple but full of useful information appearance. With a white background and brown elements throughout the template, it has a rather unusual style that your clients, students or partners will definitely like. Located at the top, the name stands out perfectly due to the combination of black and light brown. Next is a structured list in which, in order, you need to write down personal data (name, age, email, number, etc.). After that, it is necessary for the filler to honestly answer the proposed questions. Horizontal lines will help you easily write down all the necessary answers.

With this tool, generating valuable insights, feedback, and requests from survey respondents is a breeze. Furthermore, customizing the appearance of the template to match your specific needs is effortless. You can add new sections, fields, modify the color scheme, pose new questions, or leave everything as is. For any kind of editing, you can use Google Docs. At, you can find many useful templates that are sure to come in handy for improving your learning, keeping track of time, and structuring your day.