Football Squares Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


Elevate your Super Bowl parties with our customizable Football Squares template, available for free on Google Sheets. It provides a convenient solution for effortlessly organizing your Superbowl Squares pool. Many individuals are unaware that the same exhilarating feelings of enthusiasm and adrenaline experienced at the stadium can be recreated at home. This template will help you have a great time and create unforgettable memories, not only cheering for your favorite team, but also competing with friends and family. We present to you this Football Squares Free Google Sheets Template for this purpose.

The template’s sporty design mimics a football field, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. A blend of green and white background shades creates this effect. The structure divides into three sections. The first section is the playing field, comprising 100 squares and dedicated cells for recording team names. Adjacent to it is another table where you can document everyone participating in the game. At the bottom, a third table allows you to input all necessary game details, including entry prices, total amounts for each quarter and the final game, as well as the names of the winners.

This is an excellent option for those passionate about football, looking to enhance their lives or enjoy watching a match with renewed emotions and enjoyment. Moreover, you can easily customize its appearance with additional details that match your style and add your own personal touch. You can make all these adjustments directly in Google Sheets. Make sure to explore the site to access a variety of templates. They can be beneficial in your daily life or work, completely free of charge!