Bachelorette Packing List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Bachelorette Packing List Template for Google Docs. Bachelorette, this is the day when you are still free, but at the same time already married. It is on this day that girls often plan grandiose parties in order to break away to the fullest, before starting family life. But for everything to be successful and as cool as possible, you need to prepare a lot of things: clothes, accessories, order a restaurant, decide on the amount of food. So that you do not forget anything, and also do not worry about anything, we have created this bachelorette packing list free Google Docs template.

The coral color background will allow you to clearly distinguish all the inscriptions and not lose the list. At the top of the layout is the name of your list in a beautiful Great Vibes font. The list is divided into separate categories, which are successfully placed on the template:
– Clothing;
– Document;
– Miscellaneous;
– Accessories;
– Toiletries;
– For the bride.

Write down all the tasks in these sections so that you don’t forget anything. Use Google Docs to edit the entire template. Change the background, color, tasks, to-do list and other details. Visit the packing lists section to download more. Moreover, all templates on are free and ready to use!