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Church Newsletter Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Church Newsletter template for Google Docs.

Coverage of issues of religion, creed and other spiritual practices often deals with very exciting and at the same time delicate topics. It is necessary not only to keep a weekly chronicle of the church, but also to attract potential parishioners, constantly keep their attention and interest at a high level. Include in the newsletter such column topics as: charity and patronage; stories of parishioners how they came to God; announcements and reports on events; diocese news; reviews of new books and films; lessons of history and religious studies from the pastor and much more.

The austere, minimalist design and soothing color scheme of ash blue and aquamarine will help you convey the canonical church image in your weekly Newsletter. In addition, the template looks very stylish, due to the modern layout trends and design methods used. Two layout pages can be combined with each other in any convenient order, as well as transform them and create new ones. The backbone of the layout includes: a header (circulation, issue number, page number and website address), a place for photos and images, decorative elements (text dividers, frames, etc.), blocks for footnotes and quotes, headings and body text.

The template is easily modifiable and opens in Google Docs. Then you can edit the template and immediately print or download it for editing in Microsoft Word or any other editor. Transform the layout size and orientation, font style and weight, color scheme, and more.

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