Blank Mind Map Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Blank Mind Map Free Google Docs Template. Often, our desires, needs and dreams become the goal of our whole life. But just as often, we cannot build a clear plan to achieve them. The reason for all of this is that we are not focusing our attention on implementing gradual steps, but rather on the fact that we will have to work very hard. Well-known business analysts advise you to write down all your actions that you need to complete on the way to your dream. After all, as soon as you create an extensive and thoughtful plan, your brain will automatically begin to look for ways to solve these problems. And in creating such a phased plan, this blank mind map free Google Docs template will help you.

Simple appearance, will not distract you from its content. The white background goes well with the dull greens and blues. There are horizontal lines running throughout the template, which will help you beautifully write down all your thoughts. In the center is a cell in which you need to write down your main goal that you want to achieve in the shortest possible time. From it on the sides, there are cells with secondary tasks. By completing them you will pass to the fulfillment of your dream. The name of the template is in the lower right corner and stands out thanks to the font “DM Sans”. In the upper left corner, you can write down the project name and due date.

If you often find yourself unable to focus on a single task, then this template is definitely for you. In addition, its appearance is easily amenable to all sorts of adjustments and changes. For example, you can add new colors, photos, or just leave everything as it is. Use Google Docs for this. More cool templates can be found at, in the mind maps section, etc.