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Halloween Drink Menu Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Halloween Drink Menu Template for Google Docs. Ghouls, werewolves, somewhere a vampire passed by, and there a witch sits in the corner and talks to Patrick from “SpongeBob”. No, this is not some crazy raving – this is a Halloween themed party. Think over your party to the smallest detail and make it unforgettable. Our halloween drink menu free Google Docs template will help you with this. Use it for more immersion in the theme of Halloween.

The original menu consists of:
– “Terrible” creative cocktail names;
– Purple background;
– A picture of green slime appears at the top of the menu;;
– The entourage of the whole template is a cauldron with a potion brewed in it, as well as a glass of this liquid with an eye.

You can also use this menu at home, in a restaurant, school, college, anywhere that has drinks and the spirit of Halloween. In addition, the template is easily editable in Google Docs, PowerPoint and Keynote. You can find even more Halloween themed menus at gdoc.io. Moreover, there are also other templates for your parties and every occasion in life.