Simple Lesson Plan Free Google Docs Template


The Simple Lesson Plan is a new and free Google Docs template that can be easily customized and used online. A crucial step for all educators is creating a simple lesson plan to ensure that the teaching experience is effective and engaging for both the teacher and the students. Having a clear outline of the lesson’s objectives, activities, and assessment helps to keep everyone on track and maximize the learning experience. Whether you are a novice teacher or a seasoned educator, creating a lesson plan may seem overwhelming. However, with a little bit of preparation, anyone can create a simple and effective lesson plan. The simple lesson plan free Google Docs template is the ideal tool for this purpose.

Simple appearance is perfect for customizing it in the future. Images of drawn tree branches in a cartoon style are located at the corners of this template. It combines two cool qualities – minimalism and fullness. The title is at the top and has clearly defined borders, thanks to the “Bebas Neue” typeface. In the upper right corner, you can place the date and day of the week. The main part of the template is occupied by sections that are divided into separate days of the week. In each of them, you can enter the schedule of lessons, your personal classes, or important events that should not be missed. Its white, black and blue hues work well together, making it sure your students will love it.

Its appearance is very versatile, which means it is suitable for many occasions. For example, you can use it as a shopping list, record important appointments, or as a small food diary. Also, if you wish, you can easily make any adjustments. For example, integrate new elements into the title, change the background to darker tones, add horizontal lines, etc. The site daily updates its resources and collections. So you should definitely keep it and use it in your life!