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Kindergarten Weekly Lesson Plan Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Kindergarten Weekly Lesson Plan template for Google Docs.

This cute design is sure to put you in a pleasant mood and a positive perception of the learning process. The graphic design includes: a background with a pattern of multi-colored stars, the Lesson plan title, the Kinder subtitle, blocks for notes (name, date, topic, days of the week, notes), extremely minimalistic layout and also Google Fonts in cursive and grotesque styles. The color scheme combines a combination of shades such as ash pink, peach, light yellow, burgundy, white. To edit individual details or the entire template (layout, scale, color combination, style, etc.), use Google Slides or download the template in any of the proposed formats for Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. Also, Kindergarten Weekly Lesson Plan Free Google Docs Template will universally fit into any task. Namely, diary pages, friend profiles, test assignments, homework, enrolling in electives and much more.

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