Baby Funeral Program Free Google Docs Template


Our team understands what a pain it is for the entire family, relatives and friends, so we have prepared this Baby Funeral Program Free Google Docs Template to help you cope with this grief in some way. Unfortunately, life is not all about bright moments. They are also accompanied by sad events, such as the death of someone close to you. Any such event brings great sadness and frustration. Your sole course of action is to bestow the required honors to send this little angel to a more peaceful place. We created this Baby Funeral Program Free Google Docs Template to assist you with this task.

Honoring a Child’s Memory with a Personal Touch.

This program creates its appearance and structure using simple shades of white and black, thus establishing a mournful atmosphere. The primary benefit of this layout is its division into two parts. This allows you to conveniently input all the required information. The first part consists of a white sheet on which is placed an image of a bright and happy child, whose photo is surrounded by a wreath. At the top, the name, as well as the dates of birth and death of the deceased are located. At the bottom, you’ll find the time, date, and the location of the farewell ceremony. On the second page, there is ample room for documenting the obituary. Additionally, it includes listing the pallbearers and noting the requested funeral services.

Utilize this template for honoring a child. Thus, doing everything possible to ensure that his memory never fades away. In addition, you can customize its appearance, creating one that will fully correspond to this sad event. For instance, you are welcome to use a Google Docs editor. So this enables you to incorporate the required photo, rewrite the text, add a background, etc. On you have the option to access a diverse range of templates suitable for various occasions.