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Academic CV Free Google Docs Template


A special offer for our users who are going to study, the Academic CV Free Google Docs Template. It has everything you need to prepare all your knowledge and skills into one, structured list. This will enable you to effectively present them to the administration. Often, our lives are about learning, whether it’s a new path you’re just trying to learn or the first steps in some branch of scientific research. But in order to qualitatively learn the necessary skill, such an aspect as a university education is simply necessary. That is why we have prepared for you this Academic CV Free Google Docs Template. It has everything you need to greatly increase your chances of successful admission and more effectively attract the attention of potential employers, universities or research programs in the future.

Enhance Your Academic Resume with Our Comprehensive Template for a Stunning First Impression!

An excellent structure and a distinctly articulated text part add additional charm and professionalism. Also, one of the great advantages of this template is that it consists of as many as four pages, on which you can consistently state all the necessary information. Every page features a special cell at the top, allowing you to insert your photo, name, surname, contact details, and residential address. Each page has its own structure, where you can easily place information about your previous education, teaching experience, indicate your research skills, awards and much more. Additionally, one of the pages is specifically dedicated to creating an accompanying or motivational sheet. Thereby, increasing the likelihood of receiving feedback from your administration.

This template provides a convenient and attractive tool for creating a professional and informative academic curriculum vitae. It will help you create a positive first impression of your candidacy. Using this template, you will be able to present your knowledge, skills and achievements in the most effective way. Thus, increasing your chances of attracting the attention of institutions of interest to you, fellows or research colleagues. In addition, you can use a Google Docs editor to create your own, unique style or appearance of the template. Don’t miss the opportunity to express your personality with free templates available at