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International Travel Checklist Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


Start your journey around the world with complete confidence and zero stress using this International Travel Checklist Free Google Sheets Template. Unfortunately, most of us have never even thought about why our travels sometimes become a complete disappointment. All this happens due to incorrectly drawn up or unprepared plans. As a result, various embarrassments and unpleasant situations occur that completely ruin your vacation. We understand how important a truly quality vacation is sometimes. So you definitely need to use this International Travel Checklist Free Google Sheets Template.

A well-prepared appearance will allow you to work efficiently while compiling all the records. The accompanying images of various attractions and beautiful landscapes at the top of this template add especially pleasant expectations and anticipation to your upcoming vacation. These visuals enhance the excitement and anticipation for your trip. The main part divides into separate tables, each responsible for a specific part of the preparation – When You Book, One Week Before Departure, To Do, One Day Before Departure, Departure Day. You can write down your tasks in each table, highlighted in a bold font. Small squares opposite each item will enable you to quickly mark all the completed stages.

Whether you’re planning a vacation, a business trip, or a study abroad program, our template offers a comprehensive checklist. The template can be customized to ensure that you have all the essential items for a smooth and enjoyable journey. You have the flexibility to include or exclude items based on the particular destination and itinerary of your travels; for these and other changes, the simple Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel editor is your go-to editor. Don’t let the stress of planning your trip overshadow the excitement of exploring new destinations – use and set off on your adventure fully prepared and organized.