Barbershop Business Card Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Barbershop Business Card Free Google Docs Template.

The minimalistic and modern design is ideal for any progressive specialist to create a unique branded business card. The design itself consists of a graphite (dark gray background), minimalistic straight razor vector image, a photo of a hairdresser working on a model haircut, a contrasting header with the name of the specialist and the position of the barber in white and coffee colors. Large headlines with grotesque fonts create the right emphasis. To form such a harsh and clear style, the background is made with a minimum amount of detail. The barbershop business card free Google Docs template is completely ready for personalization, combining all the basic information: the full name of the specialist, his position or line of business, and the main contact information (mobile, website, email and address).

In addition, high adaptability and high-quality design will allow you to immediately and at any level of software proficiency release your branded business card into circulation in the shortest possible time. Keep the original formatting, or modify it to suit your needs. You can also transform such parts of the design as: element sizes, scale, layout, color scheme, fonts, etc.

Moreover, has a huge library of business card templates with absolutely free editing. So start distributing your contact information online or by printing now! Compatible with Microsoft Word and macOS Pages design is available for every user!