Personal Budget Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


Today we have developed for you an excellent Personal Budget Free Google Sheets Template. Often, there are times in our lives when we simply lose control of our finances. Due to this, we buy a lot of things we don’t need and borrow money from family or friends. Most often this happens due to the fact that you simply do not even try to control their flow. Many popular businessmen advise to write down all their expenses in a structured way. We understand that it is often very difficult to create a list in which you can track the main expenses. That is why we have prepared this personal budget free Google Sheets template for you.

This template’s visual design is suitable for both personal and educational purposes. Its vibrant blue hues and stunning imagery effectively set it apart from documents that share a similar structure. There are two spreadsheets here, thanks to which you can easily record all the necessary calculations and amounts. In the first, you will need to write down your earnings (salary, bonus, etc.). In the second, you can specify monthly expenses more extensively. At the bottom, there is a space so you can summarize how much you spent or earned. The difference can be used for investments or other expenses.

With this template, you can create a budget plan that aligns with your financial objectives, monitor your actual expenses versus the plan, and detect opportunities to reduce or save more money. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize the template’s visual elements by adding new components, adjusting cell sizes and colors, or applying a background. Your level of customization solely depends on your preferences and availability. At, a wealth of resources is available for creating templates for various topics.