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Modern Pink Monthly Budget Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


No need to mourn your lost money, instead, use this Modern Pink Monthly Budget Free Google Sheets Template and organize your spending more professionally. Oddly enough, many modern people do not know how to properly track their spending and therefore often simply lose most of the money they earn. This leads not only to emotional distress, but also simply ends the motivation to actively earn money. To prevent these problems, we have prepared for you this Modern Pink Monthly Budget Free Google Sheets Template.

The elegant appearance of this template perfectly emphasizes the ease of use and adds a special touch to its style. The main part of it contains high-quality tables divided into specific categories for more thorough preparation. The first table is responsible for incoming profit and using it you can clarify many options for receiving money this month, starting from sales and salaries, and ending with gifts. The following table records fixed costs (car fuel, phone recharge, taxes, etc.). Another cell records variable expenses (medicine, transportation costs, travel, and gifts). At the very bottom, you can summarize the final calculations.

Take control of every part of your expenses with this template. Even if you have never used such options before, you can easily figure out this template. Even though you can easily make your own changes to its structure using a simple Google Sheets editor. It becomes a fairly versatile and easy tool even in the hands of a beginner. Use the free resources available at to improve your financial planning and ensure a more stable financial future.