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Summer Bucket List for Adults Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Summer Bucket List for Adults Google Docs Template. Summer holidays require not only packing all the necessary things, but also planning how you will have fun. In addition, this is a great reason to prepare for the summer using this template. Forget about your age and have fun! Go fishing, have a barbecue, read 8+ books, have a movie night, or even camp in your backyard.

Don’t limit yourself to the plans already on the list. Personalize it by adding what you planned every summer and put off, or whatever you want. Rank tasks by importance using time management or categorize them. For example, by type of joint pastime (with or without children, in a large company or alone), depending on the duration of your vacation or the time required for each of the activities. And in order not to forget anything, print it out and hang it on the wall as a stretch card or carry it with you in your pocket or wallet.

The sophisticated style includes: a beautiful handwritten title in an accepting orange hue and a list, pastel colors, minimalist floral images of tropical plants and leaves. Don’t think summer bucket list for adults free Google Docs template is only for grown-ups, you can use it for both children and the whole family. It’s just made in a more restrained design.

Moreover, edit the layout absolutely free in Google Docs. Or download and open in any editor that supports standard document formats. And we will continue to replenish our collection of bucket list templates daily for you!