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Christmas Bucket List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Christmas Bucket List Template for Google Docs. Do you often spend time with your family or friends? If you need an extra excuse, then this Bucket List is for you! Make this simple list an unforgettable winter adventure! Have a Christmas “squid game” but only with good team assignments. Throw lots and play tasks with each other. It will be a good experience. Participation is just as good as winning. Pick a winner or share the victory with your family or friends (in case someone might get upset about it). It can also be used in the circle of your colleagues or subordinates. The Christmas design is played with holiday attributes, beautiful lettering of the name and a winter landscape in the background.

We defined some rules:
– The rules and paragraphs of the section can be changed in accordance with the general opinion or opinion of the organizer.
– Participation involves not only performing, but also providing a photo, video or written report.
– A reward can be anything from a Santa gift to a top seat at the holiday table or a Christmas bonus.
– All players can interact while completing points together. It can be free of charge or by agreement.
– Disqualification is not possible. Each of the participants should have a chance. Think about how you can help the outsider or simplify the task.

Examples of tasks in the style of “squid game”: write a letter to Santa Claus; make snowflakes; decorate the tree; make a snow family or an army of snowmen; make a bird feeder and treat for winter birds; make a Christmas tree decoration; watch “home alone” or any other favorite Christmas movie; go to the skating rink; go sledding; blow bubbles in the cold; depict a snow angel.

Our layout is made in vector format, so you can print it in the form of a tournament table or a small A5 memo without losing quality. And text blocks can be easily edited with just one click in Google Docs. All files on GDOC are compatible with Microsoft Word and macOS Pages.