6 Free Modern Business Card Google Docs Templates (Fully Printable)
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6 Free Modern Business Card Google Docs Templates (Fully Printable)

We have collected 6 Free Modern Business Card Google Docs Templates (Fully Printable) for you. All business card templates are easily editable in Google Docs and will be ready to print in a couple of clicks. So using ready-made Google Docs templates, you do not need to learn any editors to start promoting your brand.

Choose one of the submitted documents, replace the position, name and contact information with your own. Moreover, you will be able to save the result in PDF format for sending electronically or for printing.

Modern Business Card

The minimalistic and conceptual style will show you as a person who is up to date with current trends. The absence of unnecessary graphic elements and details will help the recipient to concentrate on your personalized data. The black and white color scheme will characterize you as a reasonable and pragmatic person. It will create the image that you are not trying to adapt to someone, but has your own clearly set goals. We\’ve also put together a simple resume with the same design so you can create an overall image of your personal brand.

Realtor Business Card

A minimalistic and conservative design will enhance your business image and expand your customer base. Green was also not chosen by chance, because in the minds of many people it is still associated with success and big money. An interesting addition was the photograph of urban high-rise buildings, which dissolves into the main color.
Use the resume from our website to collect a complete package of personalized documents for recruiting agencies or HR managers.

Personal Business Card

The style solution of this business card is ideal for people who are pursuing the goal of winning over or showing their friendly attitude. A cute color scheme and a positive pattern of small characters will be associated with professions related to animation, teaching or education. A pleasant shade of cool green complements the peaceful look. You can also put together a complete package and use the creative resume template from this set.

Geometric Business Card

This business card will suit people as straightforward as its geometric design. Red will accentuate your passionate and determined nature. Also, using these visual techniques, we identified the most important semantic blocks (name and surname of the owner, brand and contacts). And the image of the target will definitely not leave the recipient in doubt that you are a very purposeful person.

Minimalist Business Card

This card is characterized by special minimalism and some negligence. It is suitable for people who appreciate the aesthetics of casual style. The color scheme is presented in muted shades of gray, yellow and black. By the way, recent statistical studies have shown that yellow is gaining more popularity in branding design. And this bright color attracts no less attention than red, and is considered less aggressive.

Photography Business Card

For a photographer, the company is not as important as his own name and brand. Therefore, we decided to use an accent solution in the form of a capital letter of the first or last name. The design is universal, regardless of what services it will be profitable for you to offer at the time of delivery of the business card (reportage, portrait or product photography). Black is good for a trendy and conceptual look (but you can always change the accent color if you want. White font and infographics stand out favorably against a dark background. Add a similar-style photography resume to take with you to your next magazine or business interview.

Enjoy your use!
Best regards, gdoc.io team.