20+ Free Google Docs Resume Templates
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20+ Free Google Docs Resume Templates

This collection contains exclusively free templates available for editing in Google Docs, Keynote or in Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint.

Here are a few life hacks for a successful resume:

  1. Think carefully about your Summary – a mini-description with a quick introduction of yourself in a few sentences (1-4). This is necessary so that the director or HR specialist has the right impression of you at the very beginning of the resume, and all subsequent information serves as further confirmation.
  2. Each section should be listed according to the principle from largest to smallest, in other words, according to the priority of presenting information. Always write only the most significant and strategically beneficial information first.
  3. All your achievements and skills should be measurable and specific, and most importantly, correspond to reality.
  4. Feel free to praise your past place of work! We do not mean that you need to lie or replace the facts about the company, but that you should not be shy to highlight achievements, awards and other regalia deservedly.
  5. Focus on the benefits of your profession, for example: top manager – scale, designer – sense of taste, PR manager – creativity, programmer – links to websites or applications, etc.

And now we would like to present you our selection of the most diverse, modern and stylish resumes for every taste.

Graphic Designer Resume

The minimalistic and extremely conservative design, combined with contrasting shades (blue-red), can easily create a vivid impression for the HR manager. The product is especially suitable for professionals in creative fields.

Web Designer Resume

The design of the template features a variety of geometric shapes, flat minimalistic elements and a pastel color scheme of green and beige. Together they create a light and delicate design.

System Admin Resume

Modern but at the same time simple design of this resume is especially suitable for people related to IT professions. You can easily customize the combination of shades based on the color scheme of your photo.

Feminine Minimalistic Resume

Extremely minimalistic design of this template is a great solution for a quick resume. Although the template has feminine pink as an accent color, you can easily change it to your favorite or optimal color.

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Marketing Resume

Perhaps the most original and detailed design from our selection. It will perfectly fit into the image of a marketing specialist or any other direction related to the generation of creative ideas.

Minimalist Resume

This template is designed not only for connoisseurs of minimalism, but also for those who want to quickly and efficiently create a conceptual and modern resume. You can easily change this design to your preference!

Jello Modern Resume

This simple but very modern design is perfect for professionals in any field from management to education and beyond!

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Minimalistic Resume

This hyper-concise and very stylish resume will definitely emphasize your sense of style in the eyes of any employer or HR specialist! Regardless of your field of expertise, you can use it.

Teacher Resume

A slightly ironic design that will definitely distinguish you in the eyes of employers. After all, among boring and prim resumes, yours will stand out with its design.

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Red Resume

This futuristic resume is perfect for professionals who keep their finger on the pulse of modern technologies such as IT and other web-oriented segments! Rich red was used as an accent color, which can be easily replaced with any other!

Professional Resume For Corporate Jobs

One of the most versatile options in our selection for specialists in any field, and most importantly, adaptive to any type of printing. A minimalistic and extremely conservative design, combined with a b/w base and one optional accent color, will focus solely on the text.

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Professional Resume

This template will definitely present you as one of the best professionals in your field! Namely, due to the minimalistic layout, design (icons, work with color) and the modern way of using infographics for a resume.

Fashion Model Resume

This template is suitable not only for people from the world of modeling, but also for any other professionals who need to present their appearance in a profitable way (influencers, streamers, actors, administrators, receptionists, salespeople, secretaries, flight attendants and waiters). Your photo will be the main focus of the resume.

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Realtor Resume

A colorful, eye-catching resume with a photo of the city in the background will be an excellent solution for any realtor and other real estate or construction professionals (architects, managers, builders and other narrow specialists).

Elegant Leaves CV

This is not only a ready-made template, but rather a full-fledged constructor from which you can easily create a personal resume with a unique page layout. The delicate design mainly consists of floral illustrations. You will find not only a collection of icons, but also complete options for charts, infographics, illustrated concepts, fonts, color scheme, arrows, maps.

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Beautiful Resume

This visually rich yet minimalist style resume with a left-handed layout and balanced blocks perfectly matches all the current trends!

Web Designer Resume

This resume is designed in a strict conservative style, and will be an ideal solution for professionals in any field, but especially those holding senior or top management positions. The template is also print responsive.

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Pharmacist CV

Another minimalist builder in a simple linear style with one accent blue color. In addition, you will be able to use a wide range of graphic resources and find an icon on any topic, from “business” to “medicine”.

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Creative Director Resume

If you are afraid to use templates with complex designs, then this absolutely bright and clean resume will definitely be the perfect solution for you! A simple layout will focus solely on work experience, skills, and other important information.

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Graphic Designer Resume

A right-handed version of a modern reading of classic resumes with detailed paragraphs. The resume is suitable not only for graphic designers, but also for specialists in other relevant fields.

Videographer Resume

A two-sided resume with an unusual layout, ready-made icons for graphic editors, skills, contacts and social networks. It will help you create a resume and enter personal information in a couple of clicks.

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Artist Resume

It’s not for nothing that we decided to end our collection with this template, packed with icons, skill bars, block separator lines and more. Choose it if you want to quickly, but competently and clearly draw up your resume.