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School Upcoming Events Newsletter Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online School Upcoming Events Newsletter template for Google Docs.

Considering how to highlight upcoming events? Are you a teacher and would like to realize your students in a new school project? Or maybe you are still studying and just want to take the initiative in your own hands and creatively realize yourself and try your hand at journalism? Maybe you want to breathe new life into the school newspaper and rebrand it? Or you do not have a promotional brochure about your school to attract new students or improve the reputation of the school brand? Either way, this school newsletter template is just what you need!

This design will suit any progressive modern school. The design includes: large and small simple geometric shapes, stars, pluses, linear infographics (diamond and document), .png photos of students inscribed in circles, contrasting text blocks, footer (with circulation number, release date, link to the official website and page number). The rich color scheme consists of vibrant coral, blueberry, sky blue and muted yellow hues. In any case, you can always change it to the corporate palette of your school. You can also change stock photos or add real photos of your students. The layout is varied, and consists of several types of column division, into two, three, or 1/2. Slab was chosen as the main type of font, you can find any font in Google Fonts in order to edit them.

School Upcoming Events Newsletter is absolutely free, just like any other templates from our site! All of them are licensed for free use! In order to use them, you do not need to own graphic editors or have an installed program, for this you just need to open it in Google Docs or download it for Microsoft PowerPoint.